School Holidays

It’s school holidays and I am so excited for going away to my Nan’s!!! 2 weeks off school seems long but when you have it they don’t last very long! I’m sure all of the other kids ar excited but nobody can be more excited than me!!!! Last day of term 2 was so fun we finished early and a friend and I walked down to McDonalds and we had so much fun!!

Hope everyone enjoys their school break if you have one!

Comment down below what you are doing in the holidays?!


I won’t post anything for the first week of the holidays because I am going away and where I am going they don’t have internet. But I will try my hardest to get internet.


100 word challenge!

…But it was far to hot…

To go for a bike ride today it is 46 degrees and we are all in our wet bathers that we wet under the tap. We can’t even afford to go to the local swimming pool and we are not close enough! My sister is about to pass out because her and Dad have to cool the cows down and make sure none of the die from heat because they are our only supply for milk! Grandam is trying to fall asleep but she can’t manage the heat! Mum is away on a holiday with work!

It is horror!

Once: Chapter 1

When we read the first chapter of Once I was really hooked into the book.


I was wondering why he was at the orphanage?

Why did he think a carrot meant how parents would come?

Is this a true story?

I felt very sad about Dodies parents because they died from sickness and that the boy tried to help him but he wasn’t allowed! 🙁


Blog Challenge: Activity 7

Every time you go online you leave a trail!!! Everything that you post stays there for eternity. So you don’t make a dangerous digital footprint you put your nickname not your full name and always ask your parents. Make sure you keep your personal information to yourself No matter if someone asks you to tell them do not!! Make sure you think before you post because 1. It could really hurt someone and 2. It might not be appropriate!

Stay safe on social media and make a safe digital footprint not a dangerous one!

All About Me!


My name is Chloe I am 11 years young! I have a family of 4 I have 1 sister called Ruby, My Mum’s name is Maryanne and my Dad’s name is Andrew! My favourite singer is Katy Perry because she is a very good model to young people like me. My favourite part about her is all her clothing because they are very coulorful and creative. I am in 6B my favourite subjects are Art, Writing and Geography. My favourite food is Corn Flakes if I could I would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! My favourite treat to have is CHOCOLATE!! I will be posting things about my school work and you will be able to see all my school work! HOPE YOU ENJOY!!!!!!


If you have anything in common comment down bellow???